Construction Consultation

Whether you know exactly how you want your new home/ comercial complex to be or just looking for new ideas to build your new project, Pearson Construction Services offers priceless resources to help bring those ideas to life in a seamless manner. This is especially important if you are looking to move forward the norms and the traditional homes/ complexes and looking to build a new.

Client Concideration

From conceptualization to blueprint and from preparation to the final installation, our team at Pearson Construction Services will ensure that every part of your house/ project is perfect as you desired. Whether it is something big such as the location of the rooms to the smallest of things such as the cabinet hardware placement, there is nothing we  dont take seriously.

We Also do…

At Pearson Construction, our departments of architectural/structural designs and Environmental assessments work together to deliver unique designs as per client's requirements and are approved by both areas planning authorities and environmental impact assessment authorities.
We understand that construction sites have to be made ready for construction, that's why at Pearson Construction we prepare the construction site by enclosing it and putting public safety measures in place.
We understand that the right materials are the starting point of having a successful construction project, it is in this regard that Pearson Construction has made strategic partnerships with construction material suppliers like roofings, Sadolin and Plascon among others. This is done to help our clients get building material at discounted prices via our accounts
At Pearson Construction, you do not have to worry about any finishing exercises as we undertake your projects from planning, construction, roofing , up to finishing and interior designs.